Best camera phone under 20000 in India 2021

Camera is one of the essential part of the smartphone, and sometimes it is center of attraction also. It’s phone camera which gives it good looks and design. So, we can also say that it’s the eyes of the phone. Some peoples are obsess with selfies and photoshoots for them camera is everything.

Smartphone is better option when it’s come to vlogging, photoshoot and other camera works as compared to DSLR. Smartphone is lightweight, easy to carry and multifunctional whereas DSLR is bulky, expensive, difficult to carry and not multifunctional.

Also, the trend of DSLR has become to fade. Now, it’s only use in weddings, parties, models shoots and animal photography. Smartphone camera got lots better and in position to compete to DSLR cameras. Although, still smartphone can’t compete in zooming photograph capture by DSLR, but it may beat DSLR in standard shots.

We tested lots of smartphones under 20000 and selected the best camera setup devices. So, in this article we will read about those selected Best camera phone under 20000 in India 2021

Best camera phone under 20000

S. NoSmartphonePrice
1.Redmi Note 10 Pro MaxRS. 19,999
2.Vivo V20 SERS. 17,800
3.Moto G60RS. 17,999
4.Realme 7 ProRS. 16,999
5.Samsung Galaxy F62RS. 21,999

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

Best camera phone under 20000 in India 2021

Capture your beautiful moments with Redmi Note 10 Pro Max. The smartphone is equipped with 108 MP Quad camera setup with 16 MP selfie shooter. The 108 MP Quad setup is followed by 8 MP ultrawide, 2 MP portrait and 5 MP macro.

No doubt the device has good camera setup which perfectly capture and record image and videos with great balance of exposure and contrast with the best possible details and sharpness.

Apart from camera the smartphone has 6 GB Ram, 128 GB storage with snapdragon 732G processor. The device has 120Hz high refresh rate and FHD+ AMOLED display. Powered by 5020 mAh battery long enough to capture and shoots images and videos.

The Redmi Note 10 Pro is kinda an all rounder device which provide performance as well as good camera quality. It perfectly detects edges during portrait shoots, and it also has image stabilization, so there would no shakes during video recording.

Vivo V20 SE

Best camera phone under 20000 in India 2021

The Vivo V20 SE comes with triple camera setup followed by 48 MP + 5 MP + 2 MP and 32 MP front camera. The device passes the night mode and portrait test with flying colors. No shakes and blur during video recording even while you’re in motion thanks to image stabilization.

The 32 MP Front camera is also very powerful which captures and preserve great details even during night and portrait mode.

The smartphone is powered by 8 GB Ram, 12 GB storage and snapdragon 665 processor. Vivo V20 SE is capable in handling heavy applications and games. It has a relatively small battery of 4100 mAh, but the other specs given by the device at this price point is superb and worth spending the money.

Moto G60

Best camera phone under 20000 in India 2021

If you love to record videos then Moto G60 is your kind of device. The device has triple camera setup 108 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP with 32 MP front camera. Rear camera is very good automatically maintain exposure and capture good dynamic range. It also has Electronic image stabilization even during 4K video recording.

Front camera also perform well even during video recording. The front camera also has image stabilization. It captures good details with natural skin tones.

The Moto G60 has 120Hz display, 6 GB Ram with 128 GB Rom and Snapdragon 732G Processor with massive 6000 mAh battery. You can easily perform heavy task without any problem.

Realme 7 Pro

Best camera phone under 20000 in India 2021

The Realme 7 Pro has a quad camera setup with 32 MP selfie camera. The rear camera setup is followed by 64MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP which is able to capture good details even in low light. Automatically maintain exposure and dynamic range. The 32 MP selfie camera is also good and perform quite well even during night shots.

The device has 8 GB Ram, 128 GB Rom with Snapdragon 720G Processor. Realme 7 Pro has small battery of 4500 mAh. Realme 8 Pro is also a good option but Realme 7 Pro camera is better than 8 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy F62

Best camera phone under 20000 in India 2021

Galaxy F62 is equipped with quad camera setup followed by 64MP + 12MP + 5MP + 5MP with 32MP Front Camera. Both rear and front camera are good at capturing and recording image and videos. The device also has optical image stabilization so, there would be no shake or jitter while video recording.

Apart from camera the phone has 6 GB Ram, 128 GB Rom with exynos 9825 processor. It is powered by a massive 7000 mAh monster battery. The device can easily handle and perform heavy tasks and games.

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