Best fitness band under 3000 in India 2021

People became more concerned about their health after Covid-19. Somewhere health is an important issue in life of people. Everyone wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle but in life where you don’t even get time to think and eat, it’s become very difficult to focus on health. A fitness band is very useful for those people who are very busy and don’t get time to look at their health.

Fitness band plays a very important role in healthy lifestyle. You can track and monitor your daily life activities like calories, steps, sleep, SpO2, heart rate and lot more. It also helps you to be active all time. You can also set fitness goals, and it is easy to complete them with fitness band.

A fitness band is just like a smartwatch but with lots of health related features. It is very helpful gadget that we all must have. With it, you can track total calories burned in a day, step counts, heart rate of whole day and lot more. So, in this article we will tell you about the Best 5 fitness band under 3000 in India 2021.

Best fitness band in india under 3000

S. NoFitness BandPrice
1.Mi Smart Band 6 RS. 3,500
2.Honor Band 5RS. 2,800
3.OnePlus Smart BandRS. 2,499
4.Samsung Galaxy Fit eRS. 2,590
5.Mi Smart Band 5RS. 2,500

Mi Smart Band 6

Best fitness band under 3000 in India 2021

The Mi smart band 6 is equipped with 3.9 cm full screen display, SpO2 and 30 fitness modes. It will keep track of your ups and down heart rates thanks to continuous heart rate monitoring.

It comes with automatic recognition of 6 fitness modes, women health tracking and breathing exercises. You can monitor your sleep with it. The interesting feature of this band is PAI (Personal activity intelligence) that give you fitness score based on your data. It also gives you suggestions that will lead you to path of the healthier lifestyle.

The band is compatible with Google fit, Strava and Apple Health. The magnetic charging gives you battery life that last 14 days. The band is ATM water resistant, and you can track your swimming.

Honor Band 5

Best fitness band under 3000 in India 2021

Honor band is known for its accuracy trackings. The band has a 2.5D curved AMOLED display with 282 PPI. It has 10 distinct fitness modes with swimming. Sleep monitor will help you to sleep better every night.

A single charge last up to 14 days on light use, 9 days on medium use and 6 days on heavy use. The band has SpO2 and 24×7 heart rate monitor. It has good brightness you can easily use band outdoor in sunlight. It is water resistant upto 50 meters you can wear it during rainy days and swimming.

The design of the watch is very simple and premium. It is very lightweight you will not even feel. Have a good collection of watch faces but limited.

OnePlus Smart Band

Best fitness band under 3000 in India 2021

The OnePlus smart band has 2.79 cm AMOLED display with 100 mAh battery capacity that last up to 14 days on a single charge. There are 13 fitness modes in the band. It has 5ATM water and dust resistant.

The smart band has SpO2, Heart rate and sleep monitor. Access some key features directly from watch like music controls, camera shutter, call and many more. You can see insights in OnePlus health app available for both android and IOS.

The design of the band is simple and good. Although the watch lacks in many ways like limited sports mode and there are few complaints about inaccurate data monitoring.

Samsung Galaxy Fit E SM-R375

Best fitness band under 3000 in India 2021

Samsung is known for its trust and products. Galaxy Fit e comes with 1.89 cm PMOLED display with mono depth colors. It has compact and simplified display, so you can view your fitness information clearly.

Very Light Weight, you can’t feel heavy. A good 70 mAh battery that last 6-7 days and on low usage up to 13 days. The built quality of the band is superb, and it also water resistant. Galaxy band has continuous heart rate monitor it also notified about high heart rates.

The design of the band is simple and premium. It is very compact, simple and lightweight. It is equipped with all the necessary health feature expect SpO2.

Mi Smart Band 5

Best fitness band under 3000 in India 2021

Mi band 5 is included in the list because we didn’t find any other competitor band at this price level with the features given by Mi 5. The band is 1 year old but still worth buying. The design of the band are the same as Mi band 6. The only major difference between 5 and 6 is SpO2.

Mi band 5 has all the necessary features like 11 sports mode with automatic detection, heart rate monitor, PAI and magnetic charging. It also has sleep, stress and women health monitor. The band is water resistant and has auto recognize swimming mode.

Battery last for 14 days on one single charge. The design is simple, and the band is very lightweight.

Best fitness band under 3000 with SpO2

S.NoFitness BandPrice
1.Honor Band 5 RS. 2,800
2.Mi Band 6RS. 3,500
3.OnePlus Smart Band RS. 2,500

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