Best gaming keyboard under 1000 in India (RGB)

PC games are very enjoyable and satisfying. Gamers are shifting from mobile to PC for gaming. There are lots of competitive games available on PC as compare to mobile. PC gaming market is very wide and large while mobile market is still on very stage of developing. Also, it’s more fun to play on a bigger screen with mouse and keyboard, Whereas the mobile screen is smaller and half of the screen will get covered with games controls.

Keyboard and mouse is one of the essential gaming components which somewhat decides your gaming performance. The keyboard determines your game movements, speed to equip or change weapons in game and other controls. The mouse decides your rotation speed and angles in game. We will discuss mouse in different article. Today, we are going to discuss Best gaming keyboard with RGB under 1000 in India.

Under this budget you will get a decent keyboard that definitely perform well and will light up your gaming zone with RGB lights effects. There are some worst gaming keyboard also available that definitely waste your money. We selected the best gaming keyboard available. So take a look at these amazing keyboards.

Best Gaming keyboard under 1000 with RGB light

S. NoKeyboardPrice
1.Cosmic Byte CB-GK-05RS. 999
2.EvoFox FirebladeRS. 999
3.Zebronics Zeb-TransformerRS. 1,000
4.Redgear Blaze Semi-MechanicalRS. 999
5.Zoook ConcordRS. 749

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-05

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-05 is a friendly keyboard for budget gamers. It comes with metal body with RGB light effects. Quality of keys are very good, and travel time is medium.

It is a full size keyboard equipped with 6 anti-ghosting keys. Scratch resistant and easy to clean. Also, it is membrane keyboard and has holes at rear for spill mitigations. It has breathing and simple RGB light effect. You can easily remove the keys for cleaning purpose.

The keyboard has sleek design and little floating keys. It is wired keyboard with multi functions keys. Also, there are light indicators for Num. Caps and scroll lock. Keyboard is good for gaming and justify its price.

EvoFox Fireblade

The EvoFox Fireblade is a very compact and small size keyboard. It comes with elevated keys and three RGB lights effects. It is tenkeyless keyboard with all necessary features.

This gaming keyboard works well with PC and Mac and has 19 keys anti-ghosting so, you can go for gaming having full confidence on your tools. The Evofox fireblade comes equipped with window lock key and 12 multi media keys. Its rainbow breathing RGB light effect makes the keyboard always looks good.

The design of keyboard is compact and has no numb pad. The lifetime of keys is 10 Million Keystrokes. It is wired keyboard with 1.5 m long braided cable. It is good for typing work and gaming, but it has loud click sound.

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K2

The Zebronics zeb Transformer K2 is the king of the budget segment keyboard. It provides all the essential feature as well as good built quality. It is a full size keyboard with metal and plastic body.

This gaming keyboard has 104 keys with 12 integrated keys. It has multi RGB lights modes that light up your gaming room. Comes with Num, Caps and scroll lock indicator. It also has window key lock and three brightness levels.

The design and built quality of keyboard is good and praiseworthy. It is metal built from top and plastic from bottom. Keyboard has 1.8 m long sleeved cable with gold plated USB connector and comes with retractable stand. This keyboard is good for decent gaming and other works.

Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical

Redgear is known for budget gaming products. The Blaze keyboard is very awesome and a gamer centric keyboard. It is a semi mechanical keyboard with floating key caps and has good durability and responsiveness.

Redgear Blaze is a full size gaming keyboard with numpad keys and with full aluminum body. It is equipped with three RGB light effect, window key lock and 19 anti ghosting keys for gamers and programmers.

The keyboard has good design and great built quality. It is a good deal for gamers as at this price there are only few keyboards has aluminum body. It is available in two variants, the only big difference in second variant is that it has seven RGB effect. You can choose which one you want there is slight price difference between both variants. According to price first variant to justify the price.

Zoook Concord

The Zoook concord comes with 104 ergonomic multimedia keys. It has good built quality and comes with all important features. It works well with desktop, laptop, Mac and Linux.

The 104 keys has RGB lights that glow and never fade. This keyboard is built on a steel plate and has anti fall. It has 19 anti ghosting keys. It is full size keyboard with numpad and has compact design. The concord is a plug n play keyboard that required no drivers and work good with Pc, PS4 and Xbox One.

The keyboard has quite compact design and great built quality. The keyboard is splash resistant and you can remove key caps for cleaning. It has soft cushioned touch keys. The keyboard comes with 61 inches braided wire. Overall it’s good for gaming and worth buying.

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