Best gaming mouse under 500 in India 2021

The craze of gaming is booming day by day. Playing games are very fun and interesting activity. Gaming provides escape from busy and frustrated life. According to a report play games in balance time frame is good for mental health. There are lots of PC games that actually good for your brain. Playing game increase gray matter in the brain and boost brain connectivity.

Playing with proper gaming components is more fun and satisfy. Gaming peripherals are not only mean for gamers, but casual gamers and normal users can also use them. Gaming components specially keyboard and mouse effect your skills. In this article we will talk about Best 5 Gaming Mouse under 500 in India 2021.

Playing with good mouse will increase your game performance and skills. Mouse with great DPI and sensor helps you to change view or look around faster with good accuracy. Mouse with extra buttons offers you to customize important keys to mouse. So, let’s get straight into the article and have a look at best gaming mouse.

Best gaming mouse in India under 500

S. No.MousePrice
1.Redgear A-15RS. 520
2.Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-MRS. 449
3.Ant Esports GM270WRS. 399
4.Coconut GM4RS. 550
5.ZEBRONICS Zeb-ClashRS. 470

Redgear A-15

Light up your gaming zone with RGB mouse. The Redgear A-15 comes with semi honeycomb eye catching design.

The honeycomb design and quality of the mouse provides good grip during gaming. It supports DPI upto 6400, a dedicated button given to change it. Redgear A-15 comes equipped with four buttons and RGB customizable modes. Gaming grade sensor will provide you good and quick reflexes.

Overall, the design and build quality of the mouse is good and justify its price. Great thing is that it comes with 6400 DPI.

ModelRedgear A-15
SensorGaming grade sensor

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-M

Rule the game with Zebronics zeb Transformer. The 7 colors RGB light effects will glow your gaming setup.

It comes with six high quality buttons with DPI upto 3200. The design of the mouse moved one step further with RGB breathing light effects. It comes with good button life of 2.5 million times. The ergonomic design of the mouse will provide you comfort even during long hours of gaming. It has braided cable with gold plated USB.

The mouse is great from every angle. The built quality of mouse and its buttons is superb. It also comes with keyboard combo. It is worth buying product.

ModelZebronics Zeb-Transformer-M

Ant Esports GM270W

The Ant Esports GM270W is the successor of its 200W variant. The mouse has seven cool RBG breathing light effects.

It comes equipped with seven high quality buttons and 3200 DPI. You can switch DPI in real time with dedicated DPI buttons. The mouse has excellent ergonomic which provides more comfort during heavy gaming. It is made up of unique skin friendly material that ensure grip and comfort.

The build quality and design of the mouse is next level especially its skin friendly material. It has compact design with RGB lights which makes this mouse value for money.

ModelAnt Esports GM270W

Coconut GM4

The Coconut GM4 comes with seven breathing RGB light effects which make this mouse eye catchy and gives modern touch.

It comes with adjustable DPI upto 3200 and six buttons but five customizable. The quality of the buttons are good and gives smooth response. The ergonomic design will provide you long hours of comfort. It has 1.5 m nylon braided cable and the plug and play feature gives snappy response.

The mouse is suitable for both professional and hardcore gamers. Mouse has high compatibility with games as well as different type of OS like laptop, PC, iPhone, iPad, macOS and smartphone.

ModelCoconut GM4


The aggressive looks of zeb clash will charm the gamer inside you. Multi color breathing light effects glow your gaming zone.

It comes with four levels of adjustable DPI upto 3600 with dedicated button. The high resolution gaming grade sensor will give you accuracy and high reflexes. The ergonomic design provides you comfort during professional gaming. The high quality buttons will give you snappy and smooth response.

The mouse has eye catching design and is love at first sight. It is suitable for both casual and heavy gamers. Build quality of the mouse is superb, and the mouse is worth buying.

ModelZebronics Zeb-Clash


These are some budget centric mouse under Rs.500. All views are personal, we don’t want to defame any company or product. You may see price difference because of fluctuation of prices.

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