7 best web series of TVF that binge watching

Watching web series is a great and fun activity. It gives some escape from busy schedule and buster all stress. Netflix is good but the bonding you get in India web series is different. One of the best India drama web series platform is TVF. It’s get in eyes of audience during the release of top hit series like Kota factory and UPSC aspirants. Nowadays, it’s very hard to find series that worth binge watching because not everyone wants to invest in Netflix, Prime or Disney. TVF is one of the great alternative of these platform as it available for free to use without any subscription.

Make sure to keep snacks ready, maybe after reading this article you will need them. So, let’s talk about 7 best web series of TVF that binge watching.

Don’t miss these 7 binge watch web series of TVF

S. No.Web SeriesIMDB Ratings
1.TVF Pitchers9.1
2.Yeh Meri Family9.1
3.Permanent Roommates8.6
4.College Romance8.8
6.Kota Factory9.2

TVF Pitchers

Well, Pitchers is one of the most famous series of TVF. There is time when its get 4th place in top 25 India web series and also get place in world top rated TV shows. It has given 9.1 rating by IMDb.

The plot of the show is set between four friends who quit their jobs and starts their business with multi billionaire idea. Show written in a good way, it’s realistic writing and acting connect the series to the audience. It is not too much comedy or boring, it’s just a perfect series. You will not get time to skip any episode or part of the series.

Web series is perfect from every view. You can watch it for free on YouTube or TVF app. It is released in 2015 and still there is huge demand for season 2 of the show. This is one of the best show that worth binge watching.

Yeh Meri Family

Yeh Meri Family is the nostalgic series based on 19’s kid time. Everything happening in the show is relatable and gives you a sense of bonding. Even at the end the show will give you emotional touch. The little things we all do in our childhood is depicted in the show.

The story is based on summer of 1998, kid name Harshu who comes from middle class family and balances school, family and other challenges. Things we have done in our childhood is shown in this web series. The natural performance of the characters makes you everything relatable.

This series will take you to the era of your childhood and shows you how innocent the days were. It is most of the most popular series in India. The writing and acting makes this show best. It is rated 9.1 by IMDb. If anyone miss watching this web series then he/she definitely missed something.

Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates is one of the most famous web series from TVF. Every episode of this show has a sub plot which further push to main plot of the show. Means, there is something in every episode which indirectly connect to main plot.

The series has a limited cast which perform their roles good enough. This show has two seasons. Season 1 is a mixture of happy and sad emotions, but ultimately you will get entertainment. Season 2 consist of seven episodes with extended characters. The casting of season 2 is superb and salutary.

The show is given 8.6 ratings by IMDb. The good collection of music gives a beautiful touch to the show. Both acting and casting of the series is amazing. It has been one of the best show of its own time.

College Romance

Well, it’s rare that you don’t hear the name of college romance web series. It is the most demanding and popular series. The show is based on college life of three friends and their girlfriends. It gives glimpses of romantic college life, ups & downs, friends bonding and more.

The show has two seasons. Season 1 is awesome, acting of character looks very real and script is also good. It also gives a sense of bonding and relatability. One can relate their college days to this show. Season 2 released on heavy public demand. The emotions, friendship and romance got deepen in it. Character were presented more mature.

The show is given 8.8 by IMDb. It is available to watch on the timeliners channel which is also a part of TVF. The show is very entertaining and worth spending time.


Flames is best and popular web series of TVF settled on student life. The series is based on the life of two friends who study in a coaching center. One of them fall in love with a girl and they both started bunk classes and have fun. The story is very relatable especially for students.

This entertaining series has two seasons and both seasons are connected. The remaining story of season 1 finishes in season 2. The show is very naturalistic that everyone can connect to it. The songs’ collection take the show to the next level.

It is given 9.1 by IMDb. The show is consists of relevant episodes that are not boring. It’s a chill vibe series that brings happiness to you. Both seasons are superb.

Kota Factory

Kota Factory is the show that makes TVF more recognizable. It put 5 stars on TVF. The show is based on NEET and JEE aspirants. Just like in real life, students leave their house and go to kota for study of NEET and JEE, the same is shown in this series. It’s a very realistic show that depicts real life of the aspirant students including their struggle, life’s up & down and memories.

The show is consists of emotions, love and happiness. A student who is preparing for exam will definitely connect with this series. The acting of the characters in the show is very real and down to earth. Casting and script is also very amazing.

The web series got 9.2 by IMDb. It’s a very interesting show, and you will not get bored. Every science is very interesting and relatable. The show not only entertain you but also gives you motivation to study. It has two seasons and both seasons are very entertaining.


Well, let’s talk about the last series of this list which is Aspirants. It is recently released show by TVF. The series is one of the most watched and liked web series of TVF. It is based on the life of three friends who scarifies something in their life and start preparing for India most difficult exam “UPSC”. The story tells us about their struggles and hard works. After clearing the exam they all get separated from everyone.

Script of the show is very good. Acting of the characters are uncolored and real. Every UPSC aspirants can connect with this show. The series has emotional and heartbreaking moments also. Sometimes it gives touch of happiness, struggle and psychological.

The show is given 9.7 by IMDb. It is one of the most successful show of TVF. Currently, there is only one season, but after the great success of the show fans are hoping for a second season. It’s a very good show to watch.

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