Boult audio airbass freepods earbuds review

Finding earbuds is somewhat difficult task to do, especially when come to explore budget segment. Nowadays, earbuds become a must have gadget because of its light weight, ease to carry and use. People start preferring earbuds more than earphones and headphones. In today’s post, we will review the Boult audio airbass freepods earbuds. So, let’s get straight into the article.

Boult audio earbuds Built Quality

Boult audio airbass freepods earbuds review Reading snacks
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Built quality is the main factor which people consider before buying any product, it’s define all over product quality. The quality of earbuds case is good enough, and it also gives premium look and feel. Only disappointing thing is quality of lid in case, not that bad, but it can be good. Earbuds quality at this price point is superb, they are very lightweight and have slim and sleek design. Both case and earbuds gives premium feel and look. You will not feel like they are made of any kind of cheap plastic or material. The Boult audio also provide 1 year of warranty of these earbuds.

Boult audio earbuds Features

Boult audio earbuds Readingsnacks
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Talking about features, the Boult audio airbass freepods earbuds comes with lots of exciting and unique features. Earbuds are powered by monster battery which provide 18 hours of backup and can be charged full in just 2 hours. The wireless range of these buds are limited to 10 meters, which is good enough. They also have inbuilt mic and monopod feature. These earbuds support touch controls, you can play next or previous song or attend or reject calls by just tapping on the earbuds. They also support both Google Assistant and Siri Assistant. The most surprising features of these earbuds, that they connect automatically to your smartphone just by opening the lid of the case. At this price point, the features provided by these earbuds are next level.

Boult audio earbuds Audio Quality

 Boult audio earbuds Readingsnacks
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The audio quality become main factor when you buy earbuds, headphones or mic. In case of these buds, audio quality is superb and amazing. These buds have rich bass, you can feel every beat of the song. Although the mic audio quality of these earbuds are not that good, but it’s ok. The quality of audio the buds gives is next level.


So, let’s move to conclusion whether you have to buy Boult audio airbass freepods earbuds or not. Well, If we examine the built and audio quality or features, then they are worth spending money and a value of money deal. The most important factors most people check is built and audio quality and battery backup of the earbuds. From this respective, these earbuds are good because they have good built and audio quality, and they provide 18 hours of battery backup. The Boult audio earbuds justify their price tag of Rs 1,499. The only disappointing factor is the mic of the earbuds, I give 3 out of 5 stars to the mic quality. If you don’t use mic a lot or mic is not your consideration, or you need mic just for some basic level works not professional level, then you can go for it.

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