How To Start A Blog: Easy Step by Step Guide

Starting a blog/website seems a difficult task, which actually an easy task to do nowadays. There was time when we have to pay the people for making a website or blog but with the improvement of digital era. The new technology or software make possible to create a website or blog easily without any coding knowledge. There are two ways to start a successful blog, one is paid while other is completely free. You don’t have to worry we will tell you both ways with pros and cones. After reading this article you will have proper knowledge about how you can make a successful blog.

1. Choosing Category or Niche

First step in blogging is to choose a right Category or Niche. We recommend you to choose category which you love, enjoy or related to your hobby. Choose a category in which you don’t have enough knowledge or interest will make you feel frustrated or confused after few days, and ultimately you will leave doing blogging. So, give yourself some time and find your category. Pro tip: Try to pick sub or macro category rather than broad category this will help you in ranking of your blog.

2. Selecting Name for Blog

Many people neglect to think a lot about name for their blog, which is the most common and big mistake by newbies. Blog name represent your whole blog and is one of the most important factor. A beautiful blog name not only attracts people but also establish trust in hearts of readers. It is the blog name which makes the website to stand out from the rest. So, make sure to choose a good blog name which is unique, crispy and beautiful.

3. Choosing Platform: Blogger or WordPress

The most important step of blogging is to choose right platform. The most popular platform is Blogger by Google and WordPress. Apart from these there are lots of various platforms for blogging, but they have lots of restrictions and limitation. So we recommend you to choose between Blogger and WordPress.

3.1 Blogger

Blogger is completely free platform to do blogging. It is very convenient and easy to use. There is no need to buy domain and hosting to use blogger. It is best for beginners, and you can easily write as many articles you want. Blogger is one of the best platform to use for blogging.

3.2 WordPress

WordPress is an advance level blogging and site builder platform. It is currently best in the market. To use WordPress you have to buy Domain and Hosting. The only good thing on WordPress is that it have lots of Plugins options which makes things easier to do.

To sum it up, We can say that Blogger is good for beginners, although WordPress have lots of Plugins option, but it doesn’t mean you have to go for it. We only recommend you to choose WordPress only if you can afford to spend some money, and you are very serious about blogging and wanted to create it as a future.

4. Customization of Blog

After deciding platform then you have to customize your blog. Don’t use default theme, try to find some good theme. There are lots of free theme available for both Blogger and WordPress. Before choosing a theme you must check these few points and these must be available in the theme:-

  • Theme must to good-looking and user-friendly. Don’t pick over customized theme. Keep theme simple and straight.
  • Make sure the theme must be SEO friendly. This will make your SEO work easy.
  • Try to choose responsive and lightweight theme.
  • Don’t choose bulky or heavy theme, they will make your website slow.

Make sure try to choose theme by keeping these factors in mind, it will be good for your blog health.

5. Write your first blog

Now the final step come to write your first blog. Don’t write randomly about anything, try to do some keywords research and find a good topic to write. Do not try to copy from other websites or blog this will not be good for your blog website. Google is so smart, it will catch your blog and this will be bad your blog. So, write a blog in your own language.

Thanks for reading this blog. If you want to know more about keyword research, SEO and blogging then leave a comment.

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