How to surrender in Valorant

Nowadays, Valorant become most of the popular game in gaming industry as well as in esports industry. Daily lots of gamers shifting from PUBG, Apex legends, CS GO and more to Valorant. Recently, Riot has confirmed that Valorant on average has more than 14 millions active users per month. Which makes it the most successful shooting game in the gaming industry. It’s makes the game more competitive than before.

Recently, Valorant releases the new feature surrender, allowing players to get out or quit the match earlier without any penalties. Although riot game promote cooperative and strategic to win game, but sometime, this is not enough. There maybe matches where the other team is better than your team, and you have to suffer round by round until the game ends. So, in that cases, you can use the surrender feature and back out of the match.

How to forfeit in Valorant

To surrender/forfeit in a match, you simply need to write any of these three commands into the chat. “/surrender”, “/ff”, and “/concede” all are working commands. This will begin a surrender vote, all the teammates will notify that surrender vote has been promoted. Team players can vote yes or no with the help of f5 and f6 button in the surrender vote. Players can also vote by writing “/yes” or “/no” into the chat section. You can also access the surrender option by pressing the ESC button. For successful surrender, every player must have to vote in favor of surrendering. This means even a single player votes no or not at all, then the match will continue.

You can only purpose the surrender vote option only after you completed at least 8 rounds because by this point, you will get good idea that what’s going on and whether there is need to surrender or not. Furthermore, each time can only purpose the surrender vote once per half. When surrender vote purpose, the game will not display the name of the player who started it. The game will also not display the name of players who voted and not to surrender vote. Team players can only see how many players voted in favor or against and how many not voted. When a surrender vote passes, the winning team will get all the victory credits and the surrendered team will lose all the credits.

Sometime matches can be quite long. A full game can range between half an hour to 45 minutes. It’s very frustrating having to stick around in a match or to get defeat again and again because of some random noobs players. Surrender is the best option to choose in such situations without getting any sort of penalties or suspensions.

Earlier when any player or team don’t want to play then they have to abandon the match because of which players would get penalties or even suspension for few days. To avoid these situations, surrender feature given which helps team to get out from match without getting any kind of penalties or suspensions.

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