The Fastest Ways to Find a Good Movie or Series : Guide

Today, there are lots of Movies and Series available to watch but the difficult part comes when we are not able to find the perfect movie/series. Only finding the movies takes a lot of time, and finally we get bored, then we drop the plan to watch the movie but from now you don’t have to struggle so much. We will tell you the fastest ways that will hardly take 2 or 5 minutes to find Movies or Series that suit your interest and worth watching.

Finding Favorite Category

A common mistake that people do while finding movies is they google “best movies to watch on Netflix”, “top movies of 2020” and after that they start scrolling the whole list of movies or series, and they get confused. These are old methods of finding movies, people use this method when film industry is not that develop, but today industry developed too much so, stop using this method.

You have to find your favorite category of movies. If you get confused in finding your favorite category then simple think what you love to watch and what is your interest. If you get more than 2 categories then write them down on paper and revised them again, By doing this you will get your most favorite category.

Searching Movies in Favorite Category

After finding your favorite category you have to google and find your favorite movie, like if anyone has “action” as a favorite category then he uses or google “Best action movie in 2020” or “Best action series on Netflix”. With this you get rid of extra movies and get only movies from your favorite category. This is a common thing, but most people are not using it.

Ratings of Movie

Many people get attracted by a movie poster and if they like it then they start watching that movie, this is the most common mistake people do. Movie maker intentionally make their poster attractive so that they can catch people attention. Before you start watching the movie you have to make sure that you check ratings of the movie, most people will think that it is time-wasting and this will take time to watch the movie rating, but the fact is you get ratings in 1 click by simply doing google the movie name. You have to see rating from trusted sources like IMDb. Watching movies according to the ratings are important because you will going to spend approx 1 or 2 hours on the movie so, it’s better to utilize that time by watching a good movie instead of bad one. You can also search of best rated movies by IMDb in your favorite category this also save a lot of time.

Get Suggested by friends

If you are still unable to find a movie according to your interset then you can talk to your friends, they will tell you the movie that you can watch. This is the common thing done by school and college friends. You can also use Instagram story ask sticker, in case you don’t want to disturb your friend. With Instagram ask sticker you get suggestions from your Instagram followers, and now you have a huge list of movie, and you can pick any one of your interest.

OTT Platforms

Other method you can use to find movie or series is OTT Platforms. Nowadays, all OTT Platforms have a special section/column of Trending movies and series. You can select from that or you can simply search for your category inside OTT Platforms.

If you are in hurry and need quick series list

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